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Winter Activities For Nursing Home Residents

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Winter sometimes can be boring for seniors .Poor weather and shorter day can make it hard for seniors living in nursing home to get out and stay active.However cold weather doesn’t indicated everything to be boring.Interestingly ,there are much more activities for older people living in nursing home to keep them healthy, uplifted , busy ,engaged and active in life no matter what the weather is.So here are some list of winter activities by nursing homes in surrey to keep senior active and enjoy the day , even when winter does not co-ordinate.

1.Exercise Activity

Cold winter weather restrict to participate in outdoor activities , as the ground is cover with snow and this can lead to fall or slips of seniors .Exercises is one of the best activity for nursing home residents as it take place everyday whether it is sunny, spring or rainy season.Exercise class is the best way to stay active , healthy and keeping movement . Nursing Home organize daily different exercise activity to make its residents to stay fit, active and socialize.Aerobics, gentle zumba or yoga helped your loved one to get moving.Staying healthy and active in nursing home is essential for your loved one, as this ensure they are living the best quality of life.

2.Winter Picnic or Skating party

Turn the hall or any other spacious room into comfortable picnic spot for residents to enjoy winter and winter comfort food.Decorate the room with shovel snows, satin fabrics and use some string of Christmas lights.For picnic menu co-ordinate with food or dinning services to serve winter food like hot soups, fruits and grilled sandwiches.Hold a skating party for your residents , which help them to re memorize their older skating days .Encourage them to wear earmuffs and scarves and share their skating memories.


Music is the best way to enhance residents mood and spirits , despite the snowy weather condition of winters.Music is an awesome activity that doesn’t require going out.Organize a music class or choir performance or any musical concert and encourage residents to participate in it.Study show music relieves stress,music has a power to increase co-ordination , mobility and other cognitive abilities.Many Nursing home in UK offers music therapy to improves memories of seniors.Concert or music classes is the great way to  socialize with each other.

4.Video chat with Family

Due to poor weather condition and snow fall, residents spends most of their time indoor.It create the feeling of isolation and loneliness in them as they are unable to meet their family members or friends .A normal video chat with family or their near friends help elders to be alert and awake.Connecting with their dear one benefits their overall well-being .

5.Games and Fun

 Organizing and playing games is one of the best activities for loved one living in nursing home any time.Games such as puzzles , bingo, cards , Guess How Many etc are the game activities  residents will enjoy staying indoor.The most advantage of life in an nursing home is that residents have many choices of playing their loved game.Many elderly care option have scheduled games which help seniors to enjoy and socialize.Group games like scrambles or chess tournament  gives chance to know other community members  and build friendship with them.The most rousing game of Wii Bowling help residents  to move around while interacting with others and having a great time.Games help to boost memory of seniors ho suffers from dementia.


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