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Transformers Manufacturer in South Africa

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A transformer is a static electrical device that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and is used for transferring electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. Electrical energy is generated in power stations which are located where it is easier to get water head, oil or coal. And then the electrical energy generated in these power stations, which are located at the outskirts, is to be transmitted for villages, towns and cities which are at considerable distances. Transmission of electric energy at high voltages is economical as it reduces the loss of electrical energy in the form of heat, therefore some means are required for stepping up the voltage at generating stations and stepping down the voltage at the places where it is to be used. Transformers are the machines which help us in this purpose.

Power transformers are used in transmission network for step up and step down application of higher voltages (400 kV, 200 kV, 110 kV, 66 kV and 33 kV) and are generally rated above 200 MVA. Power transformers are effective to use where the ratio between high voltage and low voltage is greater than 2. They help in voltage regulation and reduce ohmic loss of energy in the form of heat (I2 R) by reducing the output current power and increasing the voltage. Power transformers operate mainly during high or peak loads of current and has maximum efficiency at or near full load.

On the other hand distribution transformers (also known as Service Transformers) is a transformer that provides the final output voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by customers. These transformers normally have ratings less than 200 MVA unlike power transformers which have ratings more than 200 MVA as mentioned above.

Market for Transformers in South Africa

The South African electrical crisis has thrown open a huge market and new opportunities for transformer manufacturers, as transformer is the equipment which is becoming an important element of the South African distribution infrastructure as a means to alleviate South Africa from its current electricity crisis. This electrical crisis has increased the demand of transformers in South Africa. Powerlite is an Indian company recognized as a leader in manufacturing and repairing transformers and it intends to cover the widest spectrum of the world’s transformer applications, with over 30 years of experience in the field of transformers.


PowerLite Electrical are the manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer

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