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Simple Ways to Maintain A Healthy Lawn in the Summer Season

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It is during the spring season when your lawn gets to be greener and healthier, while summer is the time to work at keeping grass healthy, mainly because of the hot weather and infrequent rainfall. Summer lawn care is also about maintaining a healthy lawn that can survive all the parties, barbecues, games, and foot traffic that the season usually offers. Don’t get caught up in all the festivities and neglect your lawn. Here are simple ways to maintain your lawn as healthy as ever even during those hot, long days of summer.

Water Properly

Summer can stress out lawn grasses because of heat. Once the temperature gets to be too hot for your lawn to handle, it will struggle, with the cool-season grass varieties having the toughest time. Your lawn will show indications of wear and tear because they are less capable of recovering from traffic and stress. Grass blades’ color may fade, growth slows down, or even go dormant, particularly some cool-season grasses. Watering your lawn correctly will restore its lushness and health. Lawns basically need at least an inch of water each week, and even more when heat is at its peak. You can use a straight-sided can or a rain gauge to monitor the amount of water taken from irrigation and rainfall. Water deeply but less often in order to sustain drought-tolerant roots. Also, water early in the morning to minimize fungal growth and evaporation. It is best to water deeply and regularly  Avoid letting your lawn go dormant and brown and then watering it back to life. If your lawn goes dormant and brown in summer, let it be. Don’t worry though, it will recover once the climate shifts.

Mow Appropriately

Raise the blade of your lawnmower during the summer season, as taller grasses are more tolerant to drought, are able to develop deeper roots, and are of greater help in shading the ground to avert the germination of weed seeds. Warm season grasses have to be mowed at 2 to 3 inches high, while cool season varieties should be mowed at 3 to 4 inches high. Mow regularly in order to avoid cutting those grass blades to more than 1/3. This practice will help in keeping your grass healthy and prevent the grass clippings from overwhelming the grass. Do not forget to keep the mower blades sharp to minimize grass from being stressed during hot weather.

Weed Control

Post-emergent herbicides are very popular substances designed for weed control. They are made to destroy broadleaf weeds without damaging the lawn. However, they have to be applied only when the temperature is below 85° Fahrenheit. Always remember that any product can damage your already stressed lawn particularly during the heat of summer. So, use cautiously or simply just pull weeds by hand.

Do not Fertilize too much

Over fertilizing your lawn (especially in the heat of summer season) can burn your grasses. Avoid fertilizing dormant lawns, simply wait until they turn green in the fall season. You can use organic fertilizers which are essentially slow-release and do not burn your lawn or pollute Mother Earth, rather than using chemical fertilizers.

No matter what season it is, always make sure to keep your lawn healthy and well-maintained. If you have questions regarding lawn care during the summer, be sure to check with a reputable lawn care service for advice and help.

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